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MERGE’s in-house staff includes both consultants and creative personnel.
Founded in 2002 by Mohamed El Sadat , average 15 years working with chief executives of many of Egypt's most distinguished enterprises in business development, marketing, corporate communications and public relations.
Comments from some of our Managers include: 
"I enjoy the challenge involved in supporting our clients solve problems or answer difficult questions.
I am always amazed at how much information we find out by discussing our client's important issues with their customers, prospects or industry leaders.
Some of my favorite projects involve not only identifying a new industry for our clients, but also delivering them business in those industries as well.
I think that is one of the ways we are different from other consultants; we identify potential new segments and then deliver the business as well.
A. Anis,
Project Manager.
"Our work is similar to reading a good mystery; you start with a small bit of information and start building on it.
The story twists and turns as more and more information comes to light.
Finally, by the end, you see the big picture and all the facts that make up the picture.
Mystery solved! Recommendations made. Client satisfied.
T. Badrawy,
Marketing Manager.


Mohamed El Sadat

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